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This morning I woke up and realised something. If you focus on a person, any person, regardless of if you think they’re the most attractive person you’ve seen, if you look hard enough, they’ll still have little scars and nicks, a lopsided mouth while sleeping. People aren’t so different at all, everyone’s stomachs have lumps when you sit arched, and there’s something about that fact that improves them even further

I feel so sick

Twisting again it’s because I ate, not because I didn’t and I’m so angry (glad) that I can’t/really hate vomit so much


Being rushed through the hospital from a lsd over dose.

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"You’ve got be some serious athlete/play sport?"
“One of you would weigh one of my legs”
“Are you hungry, look at you, you must be hungry?”
“You must work out”

Today I cried and then ate a Big Mac because my “mum” (type figure) is going to make me go back to clinic, then i went and got drunk with a cute boy x


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" Drugs may kill you, but they’ll never break your heart. "

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